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Persistence of Memory
(because mine sucks)
20 Sep 2016 12:00 am - Well, I knew it was coming...
Paid account ran out, which is fine. But I have to say, I find the Friends page nearly unreadable at this point, it's designed so badly.
29 Aug 2016 09:26 pm - Skyrim Porn
Skyrim: Ciel
Extremely picture heavy! Or it would be if I did more than include one visible image (as a link to the full size version). The rest are normal links.

Most recent atmospheric shots from Skyrim, mainly because I installed Climates of Tamriel recently and I keep running across stuff that makes me squee, toggle off the HUD, and start bashing the screenshot key like a crazed weasel.

The Sea of Ghosts at Dusk


Morthal Swamp

The Ancient Sun of Blackreach

Masser Over Morthal

Sea of Ghosts

Secunda at Dawn

Solitude at Dusk

The Reach

Whimsical Snowflakes in Windhelm (visible HUD)

Whiterun at Night

View From Dragonsreach

At the Throat of the World

Moon Over Azura

College Aurora

College at Dusk

Solitude From the Marsh


Caranthir Entrance at Dusk

Aurora Over Windhelm
26 Aug 2015 11:46 pm - WTF?
WTF is wrong with you, Livejournal?

Not only do I no longer see how to make a post on-site (thank you, Semagic, for making my life easier), but you forced my feed page to your shitty endless-scroll default. Thanks so god damn much for stripping away half the point of a paid account for me and rendering my custom CSS useless.

You can't just leave well enough alone, can you. And the stupid top menu bars are back again, which means my CSS is being bent over a table somewhere and repeatedly violated, just like when you changed shit, yet again, and made the icon replacements useless. Oh, sorry, it must suck when not enough people pay money to buy those custom icons, right? And you've fucked up text wrap around avatars.

Fuck you.
21 Jul 2015 01:04 am - Stories
KHR: Lambo!
Eh... new posting schedule, because I'm agitated, and annoyed at making posts here when every chapter goes up.

Monday, Thursday: FeS2
Tuesday, Friday: Kalpa
Wednesday, Saturday: Yvara
20 Jul 2015 02:28 am - FeS2
Ship: Harry/Voldemort
Chapter 10 posted:

17 Jul 2015 04:00 am - Kalpa
Skyrim: Kalpa
Chapter 7 posted:

16 Jul 2015 01:37 am - Kidorui
Chapter 5 posted:

15 Jul 2015 02:22 am - Kidorui, Yvara
Kidorui chapter 4 posted:


Yvara chapter 7 posted:

14 Jul 2015 03:10 am - Kidorui
Chapter 3 posted:

13 Jul 2015 03:57 am - Kidorui
Chapter 2 posted:

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